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Welcome to The Species Recovery Trust

There are over nine-hundred native species in the UK which are currently classed as under threat, with several hundreds more widespread but known to be in significant decline. The countryside is now bereft of many species which were a familiar sight a mere generation ago. 

A small number of these species are on the absolute brink of existence, poised to become extinct in our lifetimes.

The Species Recovery Trust is committed to halting the loss of some of the rarest species in the UK.

Through our targeted recovery work many species are showing an increase in their population numbers for the first time in decades and now face a more secure future.

Our primary aim is to remove 50 species from the edge of extinction in the UK by the year 2050 through effective conservation strategies informed by detailed scientific knowledge.

We also run a range of training courses, aimed at giving people the skills to become the conservationists of tomorrow.

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