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Photo Credits

We are hugely grateful to the following people for allowing us use of their images. All copyright is reserved by the listed name, for more of their images please click on the photo.



Ash Mills


Woodland and logo

Ash Mills


Cicadetta montana


Jaroslav Maly


Tortula wilsonii

Des Callaghan

Dark Green

Dark Green Fritillary

Nigel Spring

Spring gentian

Spring Gentian

Michael Slattery

Shrill carder bee

Shrill Carder Bee

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Deptford Pink

Deptford Pink

Dominic Price

Scarce chaser

Scarce Chaser

Ken Crick

Scarlet malachite

Scarlet Malachite

Vitaly Gumenyuk

Erotides cosnardi

Cosnard's Net-winged Beetle

Philipp Weigell

Decticus verrucivorus


Isidro Martínez

Melandrya barbata

Bearded False Darkling Beetle

Lech Borowiec

Triplax lacordairii

Southern oyster mushroom beetle

Mark Telfer

Deptford Pink

Deptford Pink

Joshua Mayer

Field Gentian

Field Gentian


Spiked Rampion

Spiked Rampion


Polygala amarella

Dwarf Milkwort

Camelia Maier

Upright Goosefoot

Upright Goosefoot

Joaquín Ramírez



Maria Vorontsova

Asplenium septentrionale

Forked Spleenwort

Bernd Haynold

Red Kite

Red Kite

Tony Hisgett

Large Blue

Large Blue Butterfly

Tim Melling

Emmelia trabealis

Spotted Sulphur


Acaulon triquetrum

Triangular Pygmy-moss

Bryan Edwards

Lemon slug

Lemon Slug

Zdeněk Chalupa