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The Salisbury Drinking Fountain Campaign

Plastic pollution has become one of the planet's most pressing environmental threats in recent years.

Here are some stark facts:

  1. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists
  2. We produce 300 million tonnes of plastic each year
  3. Every minute the equivalent of a dumper truck of plastic enters the oceans

While improved plastic recycling helps reduce waste, it is not the solution. Single-use plastics must be eradicated, and single-use plastic drinking bottles and coffee cups must become resigned to the past.

Drinking fountains and bottle refill posts provide the infrastructure allowing people to stay healthy and hydrated without the need to buy bottles. The recent decision by Salisbury City Council to install a central fountain as part of their response to the plastic threat is a huge step forward.

But we want to see more fountains in Salisbury, and eventually everywhere where the public will want to use them.

You can watch the recent BBC documenary 'Drowning in Plastic' here. News of the Salisbury fountain can be read here.

We are campaigning for a further four fountains in Salisbury and have offered to fund the fountains if the council pays for installation and maintenance.

Please donate to our campaign to install more fountains in Salisbury and spread the message across the country. For the price of a bottle of water, you could help stop a thousand bottles from ever being made.

Please contact us to talk about corporate sponsorship and getting your organisation's name on a fountain.


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