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Who we are

The Species Recovery Trust comprises a small team of specialist staff and a network of volunteers and experts across the country.



Dominic Price - Director

Dominic Price is one of the UK's foremost species conservation experts with over sixteen years experience in the field. He formerly worked on Plantlife's species recovery programme, as well as stints working for conservation organisations across the world. He is also an accomplished botanical tutor, running courses for a wider range of organisations. Dominic makes regular appearances in the media to talk about conservation issues.


Dr Phil Wilson - Associate

Phil Wilson is one of the most eminent experts on species conservation in the UK. He specialises in vascular plants, and particularly rare arable flora.


Dr Clive Bealey - Associate

Clive Bealey is a professional ecologist with particular interests in wading birds and lowland heath ecology. He worked for Natural England for many years running a national environmental monitoring project, and now runs a successful consultancy, specialising in long-term monitoring and biodiversity conservation.


Sharon Pilkington - Associate

Sharon is a professional botanist and bryologist with many years’ experience of the British flora. As a county recorder of plants and bryophytes, she spends a lot of her spare time leading field meetings and training events and is an experienced tutor. She is currently undertaking a systematic survey of Somerset for a forthcoming new county bryophyte flora and is also managing a team of voluntary botanists in Wiltshire to collect records for the next BSBI atlas of plants in the British Isles.

Keith Alexander

Dr Keith Alexander - Associate

Keith is a leading expert on the conservation of terrestrial invertebrates in the UK, with a special interest in saproxylic (decaying wood) invertebrates and veteran trees. He is the Honorary Specialist Adviser to the IUCN on European Saproxylic Beetles and joint author of the 2010 European Red List of Saproxylic Beetles.

Charlotte Carne

Dr Charlotte Carne - Programmes Manager

Charlotte completed a PhD on the conservation of orangutans and chimpanzees, in particular focusing on the potential effects of climate change and disease.

She manages several of our conservation programmes, and is our volunteer coordinator.


Bex House - Conservation Officer

Bex has been working in conservation for many years promoting the benefits of enjoying the natural world and safeguarding the natural environment for the future.

Following completion of BSc, MSc and a PGCE Bex gained employment at TCV, Plantlife International and The Marine Biological Association. This gave her the opportunity to develop a suite of skills aimed at enabling more people to share her enthusiasm for the outdoor environment.


Emmie Readman - Conservation Officer

Emmie’s passion for the outdoors drives her in her work nurturing in others a love of, and respect for, the natural environment.  Following the completion of a BA(Hons) and MSt she has gained experience working within cultural and environmental community outreach charities; coordinating projects in organisations such as the Marine Biological Association, and working with Ambios Ltd, The Zone, and Hub Ventures.

These experiences have honed Emmie’s understanding of practical conservation work,  which she looks forward to developing through her work with the Species Recovery Trust.


Brian Laney - Conservation Officer

Brian is a self taught botanist and for over 30 years has been passionately working to spread awareness and save some of the UK's rarest plants.In 2003 he re-discovered Bee Orchid in Scotland, last seen in 1908. He is the Northamptonshire county recorder for reptiles and amphibians.

Brian leads on several of our plant programmes.


Leif Bersweden - Conservation Officer

Leif Bersweden is about to study Biological Sciences at Oxford and already has over six years' worth of botanical experience. He is the co-author of the Winter Trees Guide and assists with our training programme and field surveys.


Jed Hamblin-Boone - Chairman

Jed was lucky enough to grow up in the British countryside and has been inspired by nature for as long as he can remember. His awareness and concern for environmental issues began when he teamed up with our Director, Dom, in the mid-90s and became infected by Dom's passion for wildlife and environmental campaigning. He went on to complete his masters degree in Philosophy and the Environment in which he specialised in our duties to conserve species. As well as being our chair he now heads up the Environment Agency's land and property function, as well as being a keen mountaineer and cyclist. 


Nicholas Berry - Trustee

Nicholas Berry works in the City as a media and entertainment lawyer, and is the trust’s treasurer. He is based in London but maintains a strong link with the countryside, in particular long distance walking.


Fiona Jones-Perrott - Trustee

Fiona teaches geography at a secondary school in Salisbury. She enjoys spending as much time outside as possible, walking and exploring the countrside with her family.

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